Patrons Show Their Support by Donating the Value of Their Tickets Back to The Lensic

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Matching gifts double the impact of their generosity, supporting The Lensic during COVID crisis

We were as disappointed as our patrons last week when the COVID-related crisis forced us to officially cancel our Hubbard Street Dance performance. Yet soon enough, our hearts were lifted: In an incredible show of generosity, more than 75 patrons chose to donate the value of their tickets back to The Lensic, resulting in a collective gift of more than $13,000. Thanks to a matching pledge made by an equally generous group of donors, the impact of these patrons’ donations was doubled!

This support is especially important to us right now, at a time when the pandemic has adversely affected arts organizations and nonprofits across our state, our country, and the globe. At The Lensic, the impact has been the loss of all ticket sales and theater rental revenue, which typically comprise 60% of the annual budget. The Lensic now relies entirely on contributions to preserve our historic theater and continue to connect our community to the performing arts. 

We are tremendously grateful to be part of this amazing community. To all our patrons who have donated their tickets back to The Lensic this year, we say thank you. Because of you, we are able to support local artists through our Ghost Light Sessions, spotlight talented young performers through our Student Showcase series, and provide digital entertainment for all to enjoy during this unscheduled intermission.  

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to The Lensic’s COVID-relief fund, please visit this page.  Your gift will be matched and its impact will be doubled!